Our Journey of Sound, Silence, and Everything in Between


Greetings, rock enthusiasts and Snowman family! Today, we're taking you on an exclusive behind-the-scenes journey of our rehearsal day, the heart and soul of our music-making process.

Imagine a place buzzing with the electric energy of creation, reverberating with the echoes of chord progressions, and brimming with the chemistry of camaraderie. That’s our rehearsal room, our sonic playground. Here, creativity runs wild and free, and every strum, drumbeat, and melody leads us closer to our new record. Yes, you heard it right – NEW music is on the horizon!

Each session is a testament to dedication and harmony. Of course, there are days when some of us might come in, exhausted from a restless night, only to vent our frustrations on a guitar string or two. But that’s the beauty of it. We transform our challenges into art, our sleepless nights into anthems.

Amongst us is a special guest, our dear friend Jorge Sousa Blanch, ever present in spirit, listening in to the tribute we crafted for him. Have you streamed "Blanch" on Spotify yet? If not, here's your cue to join us in celebrating the beauty of friendship and music.

We're all yearning for a holiday by the sea, dreaming about the sun, the surf, and those delicious Berlin Balls, as we pour our hearts into creating soundscapes for you. But for now, our holiday is each note we perfect, each song we complete.

Progressive rock, our beloved genre, has always been about pushing boundaries, defying conventions, and creating an immersive musical journey. In the words of philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, "Music is the melody whose text is the world." And in Prog Rock, we find the world in its most unbounded form, complex, layered, and immensely beautiful. Yet, like all art forms, it isn't immune to criticism. It has its detractors, those who believe it to be too grandiose or intricate. To them, we say, Prog Rock is a narrative, a story told through a symphony of sounds, and every story deserves its intricacies.

We are here, living, breathing, and creating this complex narrative, putting in the work because we know how much you, our fans, value the immersive experience that only Prog Rock can provide. We strive to perfect every chord, every note because we understand the power of music to move hearts, to inspire minds, and to transcend the ordinary.

So here’s to the music, the melodies, and the magic. The journey towards our new record may be tough, it may be tiring, but every moment is worth it. Because we're not just creating music, we're crafting an experience, a journey, a world. And we can't wait for you to be a part of it. 🤘